Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i should be sleeping or reading.

I should really be reading or laying in bed recovering from being a working mom.
miami ink is on and so is the real world.
but, i just had to tell you guys that Mark Ruffalo was on the actor's studio last night.
And he was being really cute. i love him.
I also wanted to remind people to watch I love New York. Watching her kiss somebody always makes me a little nauseous.
I still haven't got paid. but jeff did.
I ate a apple for lunch today and it made me have a stomach attack. my body was rejecting the fruit.
I had to suffer through the attack while I drove from spicewood to cedar creek. it was kinda like being in labor again.
I thought you would like to see a shot of Katie and I doing the Paris Hilton pose.
This was right before Flava Flav got on the stage. I yelled Flava Flav all night long.

I think we were drunk. i guess that is what you get for 4.50 a beer.

the last time a baby puts a tomato in his mouth. it was really too cute to not share.
Mason has that shirt too. I think we are going to make them dress alike.
we are putting so much pressure on these kids. they have to like each other when they grow up. that would suck if they hated each other. (kinda like how Katie hates her nephew.)

Look at this cutie pie saying peek a boo. I still love you, mason. Even if you cry.

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Beth said...

Thanks for reminding me about Real World.