Tuesday, March 20, 2007

i should be sleeping or reading.

I should really be reading or laying in bed recovering from being a working mom.
miami ink is on and so is the real world.
but, i just had to tell you guys that Mark Ruffalo was on the actor's studio last night.
And he was being really cute. i love him.
I also wanted to remind people to watch I love New York. Watching her kiss somebody always makes me a little nauseous.
I still haven't got paid. but jeff did.
I ate a apple for lunch today and it made me have a stomach attack. my body was rejecting the fruit.
I had to suffer through the attack while I drove from spicewood to cedar creek. it was kinda like being in labor again.
I thought you would like to see a shot of Katie and I doing the Paris Hilton pose.
This was right before Flava Flav got on the stage. I yelled Flava Flav all night long.

I think we were drunk. i guess that is what you get for 4.50 a beer.

the last time a baby puts a tomato in his mouth. it was really too cute to not share.
Mason has that shirt too. I think we are going to make them dress alike.
we are putting so much pressure on these kids. they have to like each other when they grow up. that would suck if they hated each other. (kinda like how Katie hates her nephew.)

Look at this cutie pie saying peek a boo. I still love you, mason. Even if you cry.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

new braunfels

We went to lake this past weekend and had fun, fun, fun. i am full of pictures. some courtesy of Beth. The boys went up early and then the girls came with all the stuff the next day. oh yeah, and the kids.
this is where we stayed. The house belongs to Aaron's brother, who was so nice to let us stay there. Every family had a room.

Here is a picture of Mase wanting to try his first beer. I said no. (Jeff really should be watching him a little better but he was hungover all weekend. I guess the boys partied hard on thursday night.

this is on Sunday when we were leaving. beth was having a little chat. she stopped for pics.

Katie showed up on Saturday and immediately fell asleep with the wine glass in her hands. I was right behind her.

Beth and Jeff cheesing it. Beth and I were a little hungover the next day. I am not getting drunk on wine again. it really does a number on you. For days after.

the smoking patio.

these are all the girls and the babies.

Is this not the cutest picture ever?

Mason and Ryder were holding hands on the way there.
Don't you love Mason't shirt. or at least the stripes?

There was way to much food.

Wade cutting up the pork roast my dad made. my dad would have been so proud.

Mason just wanted out so he could go fall in the lake. Beth was in charge of saving him. Sanders' don't swim so well.

the kids being good. Julia was the boss and I loved it. a chip off the old block.

The only thing that sucked was that we missed the kite festival this weekend. it is not like i was going to make a kite or anything.
Back to ole grind and back to dealing with patients at work. they never change.
i can't wait for a paycheck.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well, hello there.

I finally have a chance to sit down and write. mace is at miss toni's and loving every minute of it. This is the face he gives me when i try and drag him away from there.
Real quick. I think that Jason from General Hospital is finally off the steroids. He is starting to look good again.
I should be at the gym watching this show but instead, I am sitting at the computer. I got the house clean today. since we are going to be gone this weekend, it will take awhile to get dirty.We are heading to the lake. I am so excited. It is supposed to be pretty this weekend, too.
So, I will get to the good stuff.
They are kinda out of order since I can't figure out how to post them on this new site.
Beth was over last friday. and, of course ravenous got a little hungry. Cause that boy loves to eat.
Katie got hungry, too. by the way, Katie moved out. she had enough of Mason. he was keeping her from getting the beauty sleep she needs. Mason keeps everyone from getting beauty sleep. Look to me as evidence of this fact.
Anyway, I miss her and hope she visits often. The apartment she got has a kiddie pool. There are chairs in the kiddie pool. I can't wait.
Well, I can wait on the bathing suits.
On Monday, I had to drive to elgin. It is out in the boondocks. I get to go to this concert. Maybe Brandon flowers will wave at me.
This is one of my favorite new cds. I like this song called Samson.it is really time for a new paint job
This is the road that I had to drive up to get to the patients' house. If another car was coming, I would have had to back all the way up to the road.
This is how the Friday night started. pizza and wine. yummy.
Sorry this is blurry. but, it is really to good to pass up. katie was trying to scare mason. You know, love/hate relationship.
Did anyone watch the bob woodruff show last night. He was so inspirational. Mason needs new clothes.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

a working mom, now.

I have officially started the job. I really don't know if I am going to like it just yet. Things are crazy and I have been feeling a little overwhelmed. The first two days were pretty crazy but that is just how things are when you start something new.
Today was better. I am figuring stuff out and I am kinda getting excited about going out on my own and making a paycheck. you know, adult stuff.
I definitely think that I will meet some interesting people and see some crazy things.

Mason, you ask? Well he doesn't seem to care one bit whether I am gone or not. He has not cried once when I dropped him off. And it has been three days now. He is taking a nap without crying, eating, playing and just being dear sweet mason.

I like to think he acting so good because of my attachment parenting.

Anyway, I don't have to go to work tomorrow and so that means I can sit and drink a cup of coffee and get on the phone with my peeps.

Here are a couple of pics of Mason. Jeff dumped the toybox out and Mason loves walking around in it and growling.

This is the day after his Valentine party. He sent me a card and everything. He actually got chocolate covered strawberries. he was doing better than me.

Check out his t-shirt Mrs. Toni made him.

This is how mason acts when I drop him off. I didn't even have to cry since he acted so good.

I haven't been working out and I need to. Riding around in a car will make me even fatter.

Monday, February 12, 2007

they do it like this in buffalo, TX.

I went to Henderson and came back with a ticket. a f'in speeding ticket.
there goes some more money.
am I the only one who never gets a warning? Melissa says I have a snippy tone. I guess she is right. I don't mean to have the tone. It sneaks in. Plus - I hate cops. they are always so cheerful when they are writing out your ticket. Kinda like they are doing you a favor.

On a sad note. Cue the sad music. Tomorrow I drop mason off at daycare. I am really emotional today. I really think that I could spend all day crying if I let myself.

I have already got in a fight with my mom. I found out that someone I cared about from childhood is in the hospital. I couldn't get tested for tb cause there were too many people in there get drug tests. Liability insurance was going to cost 3000. I couldn't find any of those cheap valentine cards for Mason's new friends. I had to buy expensive ones cause I was too lazy to go to Walgreen's. I still haven't cleaned the house. and britney spears stripped down to her underwear at some NYC club.

I also forgot my camera while I was in east Texas. That means I couldn't document my trip.
Let's all pray that I don't break down tomorrow morning in front of Ms. Toni. Cause it will be ugly tears if I do. I don't want to scare her this early in our relationship. (mason wouldn't care. He has seen it all before.)

Monday, February 5, 2007

Superbowl Sunday.

To get started, I don't care about the superbowl. i don't care who was playing, who won or what was happening at halftime. (unless there is a scandal)
I just wanted to see Kevin Federline working at Taco Bell and eat some good food.
i missed k-fed but ate food.
I decided to take mace to church. Big mistake. he is horrible. It is just way too close to his naptime at 10:30. He just want sit in the pew with me. He would rather be crawling under the pew.
Katie and Jeff cleaned up around the house for me. Thank God. I am getting a little tired of cleaning. And Katie did the toilets. big Help!!!
(I think the mom on supernanny has a lisp.)
katie and I went for a hike before the superbowl.
I have been hearing about the place for years. Beth and katie have been going there forever. The story goes that Katie almost drowned one year. Katie drowning? can you believe it?
Here is Katie contemplating her near miss.

Here is me thinking about why my double chin is making an appearance. (should I be using a or an before appearance?)
By the way, I also have on a shirt I bought in Padre when I was 18. It says Fucking Spring Break, Fucking Padre Island.
Bad judgement call. There were way to many kids out there. I think it is time for this shirt to come out of rotation.

Here are the kids playing together at the superbowl party. (I changed the shirt)
Please notice that Mason has a sony playstation controller in his paws. Isn't little Will cute? He is the one with the curly hair.

Mason had trouble falling asleep today for his nap. So I had to lay down with him in the rocker. I slept for about 45 minutes and then I had to sneak out of the chair without stirring the sleeping beauty. And, you know, he really is a sleeping beauty. That will probably be one of the last times that happens.

OK, back to SuperNanny.
Oh yeah, I hit my knee on a highway divider after the hike. Now it is swollen and it sucks.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Killers.

Jeff got me tickets to the Killers today.
It will be on my birthday. april 13.
I think we may be sitting behind the stage. Do people do that?

Mason will start going to Ms. Toni's the week after next. I know he will love it. But I will definitely be sad. I am probably going to start work sometime in the next two weeks.
We will see how long I will be able to do this. I am a little worried that the houses are going to be really nasty.
I hate nasty.

I am making some peas, mashed potatoes, and chix to go along with the calorie ridden brownies i made yesterday to get rid of my hangover. I love those brownies.

Tomorrow is the superbowl. I am actually surprised that I know who is playing. I learned it from Ellen. She is always teaching us something.

I got the new Regina spektor album. Can't wait to download it to my ipod. Katie got the Dixie Chicks.

Oh yeah. we are making pizzas for superbowl.
Mason got a magna doodle and man can she draw on that beatttchhh.

a night of debauchery

Since Katie got here, things have changed. I now go out on weeknights. I went to a place where the gonja and patchouli were flowing.
Of course, I had none of those things.
The night started with a little Free Fallin. courtesy of Katie.

After the show, Katie had a smoke. now that is weird. I am sure it was my fault.

Then we had to have that sandwich from Whataburger with Chix strips, swiss and BBQ. OMG. It was good. Katie would only let us share a sandwich. I hated the idea at the time but now I am happy about it.

The evening ended with this.

and it was 2 in the morning and mason was up at 5. HE knows. HE knows.
Everytime I go out he wants to punish me.
and I had to go to his checkup hungover.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I think I found Mason's new home.

So, yesterday was my interview with miss toni. She was GREEEAAATttt. You know, like, Tony the Tiger great. Her kids loved her. That is always important. She has one kid who is Mason's age. She brushes their teeth after lunch. She even potty trains. and...the house smelled like cookies and cleaning products.
I need to call her tommorrow and tell her that i need her. She is a little expensive but I would feel comfortable leaving mason with her. Now, I am just waiting on this lady to have her baby. Then I can go to work. Hopefully, sooner than later. I don't won't to lose my place with miss toni.
While we were getting ready to leave, Mason decided to get into Katie's red lipstick.
Doesn't he look sweet? I gave him a bath and washed his hair like four times. It looks like a tried to dye it pink. He of course cried the whole time. I guess he like pink hair. Oh well, it gave me an excuse to wash the slipcovers. I have been needing to do that for a long time. The lipstick came off of the slipcovers easier than mason's head.

Today, I made it back to the gym. thank goodness. Cause I am feeling really fat after mimosas and lemon poppyseed muffings this weekend. Now, here is Mason looking sweet today. all cleaned up and holding his raisins. All he needs me to do is brush his hair. But, I don't even brush my hair. why would I brush his?

I was reading this other blog yesterday. They were taking pictures of underneath the bathroom sink. You can't clean it up or change anything. This it what mine looks like in my bathroom. I am going to blame the mess on Mason. He empties those stupid cotton balls out once a week.

I like the double roll toilet paper. i feel like it lasts longer. But, I think it may all be an illusion.

OK. back to looking for websites that will show me what is on that paris hilton exposed. I really don't want to pay the 40. Did anybody else see Cisco Adlers long balls?
and, has anybody else seen pootie on I Love Ms. New York?
omg. i love pootie. he fainted.
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

i can't help. i love them.

I should be watching swimfan but.......

1. Story behind your MySpace song?myspace songs are stupid.

2. What's bothering you right now?the fact that i am scared to stay in my house when no one is here. i thought i just heard a gunshot but I know that it was probably a car backfiring.

3. Where do you live?in a house

4. Describe your Wallet?black and brown with a yellow line all over.

5. Background on your cell phone: abstract and orange

6. whos your best friend? Jesus. (i wish I could be serious when I say that. not that I don't want him to be my best friend.

7. Jewelry worn daily: two diamond earrings in my left ear.

8. Pillowcase: uh...right now they are brown and light green.

9. Eyes:hazel (well, maybe just dookey brown.

10. Sport: i am not real big fan of sports.

WHERE ARE 11 AND 12???

13. CD In Stereo? Muse, Absolution.

14. Piercings: ears

15. Wearing? reddish pajama pants and red and orange striped top

16. Wanting? that last lemon poppy seed muffin downstairs

17. Where are you? on my uncomfortable chair

18. Listening to?commercials on tv.

19. Something you're afraid of?cancer

20.Do you like candles? only if they smell.

21. Do you like the taste of blood? yes.

22. Do you believe in love? yes.

23. Do you believe in soul mates?no.

24. Do you sleep naked?uh..no.

25. Do you like seafood?kinda.

26. Do you remember your dreams?only if i wake up in the middle of them.

27. Do you consider yourself a study freak? no.

28. Do you like tattoos? yes, but they don't like me.

29. Do you believe in miracles? sometimes

30. Do you burn easily in the sun? now i do.

31. Do you speak another language other than English? yes, mason language

32.What is something you want to understand more? who cares?

33. What did you do this weekend? hate mexican food, drank mimosas, took a cpr class.

35. Who do you miss? old friends.

36. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? of course. and let me tell you, i stunned them with my exotic beauty

37. Orange or apple juice?apple

38. Who were the last people you went out to dinner with?mace and katie. and mace wouldn't sit in his high chair

39. What was the last text message you sent?katie.

40. Lucky number(s)?13.

41. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato? I try to stay away from those.

42. Who called you last? Kate.

43. Are you a good cook? i like to think so.

44. Sprite or 7-up? 7-up (but, i really hate both) don't you think that those two drinks are boring?

47. Would you rather find true love or be a millionaire? right now, a millionaire.

48. Think fast.. Who do you hate right now? Jennifer Garner and her puffy lips.

49. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?Beth, when she had ryder rooter

50. Do you like someone right now? well, i really like mark ruffalo.

Friday, January 26, 2007

jobbity job

well, i got the job. I will start training sometime in the next two weeks.
we will see how it turns out.
now, i have to find a place for mace.
that's sad.
he will miss me.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Birthday.

Everybody sing Beth, Happy Birthday. She needs some love.

Now, back to more important things. me.

Katie and I went and worked out today. I am going to be sad when she leaves. she keeps me going back!

Mason is going to be sad when katie leaves. He has a new friend. Even if she only touches him with two fingers. Katie isn't much for touching, babies, that is.

uh...oh... Oprah is going to fix our marriages, now. that girl. she is always finding ways to help other poor unfortunate souls. thank you oprah.

Mason and sleep. things are going better, i think. he actually slept all night long last night. we had a little problem with naptime, today. So, i am hoping that isn't going to affect his sleeping tonight. He is starting to go down quicker and not cry as long, too.

I am hooked on another show. the bad girls club on oxygen. OMG> they picked the most horrible girls to go in this house. I love it. i missed last night so i am a little upset. but, i got to catch katie up on my miami ink boyfriends. she was so impressed with their tattooing skills. yeah right.

my interview is coming up on friday. yes, jo. it is home health. it will last 4-6 weeks or longer. depending on whether the other lady comes back sooner from maternity leave. hopefully, they will be so impressed with me and my lovely personality(and my work ethic) that they will want me to stay on part time. but, who knows? maybe i will not like working. I am just glad that I am giving it a try instead of just threatening jeff with it.

Katie and I already have where we are going to go out to eat this weekend. i will take pictures and give you a play by play on how good the food was.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

at the horseshoe....

After a quick trip to the Broken Spoke where Aaron was molested by a old cowboy that had been sitting there for twenty years, we drove as fast as we could to the Horseshoe. I was really excited in this picture because they let us smoke in the bar. I love beer and cigarettes. I also love Nascar on the television.

Katie started getting a little excited and tried to punch me. I am thinking about how I am going to pull out some wrestling moves i haven't used since we were young.

Beth wanted to use some of her photographic vision on this pic. Maybe I couldn't understand cause I had to many coronas. or maybe beth had too many coronas.

The night ended when I realized it was after twelve. what the f? I needed to be home. cause we all know that jeff wasn't getting up with the monster.
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happy hour.

So, things have been hectic around here lately. It has been good having katie around. She is keeping me on the straight and narrow. I am doing a little sleep training on mace. Things aren't easy, to say the least.
I have now started putting Mason down without rocking. he doesn't like it and cries until he sleeps.
He has also started waking up at 4:45 in morning. every morning. and crying for like a hour and a half. I hate it. To use Beth's phrase, I want to give him up for adoption.
Beth and I needed a break (ryder is acting up, too.) We pulled together a little evening out last friday. Of course, we couldn't leave until the babies were down. This is Beth looking a little concerned. She also was concerned cause I wanted to go to the Broken Spoke. Beth doesn't like the broken spoke. I don't like the broken spoke. It cost way to much money to watch a bunch of old people do the two step.

First off, we started with some french fries. They came with lots of dipping options. My personal favorite was chipotle mayo. i love french fries and mayo.

then, i thought i would order something with a little liquor in it. (even though we all know that i should not drink liquor) I never can seem to remember that i can't drink it as fast as beer. Anyway, that martini was not good. tequila straight is never good. even if it is infused with strawberries.

Katie thought she would be cute. she stuck a lazer on a knife and tried to perform a seance at the table.

i will have to continue this post again. for some reason my pics aren't transfering.
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working out.

so, i went and worked out today.

it was called body pump.

and now my body hurts. I might have to slide down the stairs on my rear.

Monday, January 22, 2007

jobbity job.

i actually have a interview on Friday. wowzer.

Now I need to find a drop in babysitter. This job is contract work and you make your own schedule. I will find out all the details friday. However, it looks like a lot of driving.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Can I please stop watching fucking road rules, real world, and the infernos?

after ice storm '07

I finally was able to get out of my driveway today. The Ice Storm was preventing me from backing out. Jeff doesn't have a problem. I do.
Ever since I wrecked my car in Ice Storm 99, I don't like to drive in the ice.
My sister and I drove all the way to Taco Cabana. The commercial finally sucked me in. How can anyone pass up two tacos and chips and queso? I really don't think that anyone could.
My sister is here and both of us are looking for jobs. I may have found one.
That is major for me. I haven't worked in about two years and I am a little apprehensive about interviewing. I have started having anxiety attacks since I became a SAHM.
I know the only way to get rid of them is to just jump right in. I am just scared that the interviewer will sense my anxiety.
I have to get over it. I need money. I need new clothes. I need new books. I need to be able to go out to eat when I want to.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This should probably be over tommorrow. I am so glad that I was in Texas for the ICE STORM '07.
I would have been so jealous if I had been in Tucson.

I bet katie isn't glad she was driving in for ICE STORM '07.

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he definitely started at noon.

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virgin territory

Well, hell yeah!!! i finally figured out how to start my own blog!!!

Now, if I could only figure out how to move all my stuff over from myspace.

someone help.