Tuesday, March 6, 2007

new braunfels

We went to lake this past weekend and had fun, fun, fun. i am full of pictures. some courtesy of Beth. The boys went up early and then the girls came with all the stuff the next day. oh yeah, and the kids.
this is where we stayed. The house belongs to Aaron's brother, who was so nice to let us stay there. Every family had a room.

Here is a picture of Mase wanting to try his first beer. I said no. (Jeff really should be watching him a little better but he was hungover all weekend. I guess the boys partied hard on thursday night.

this is on Sunday when we were leaving. beth was having a little chat. she stopped for pics.

Katie showed up on Saturday and immediately fell asleep with the wine glass in her hands. I was right behind her.

Beth and Jeff cheesing it. Beth and I were a little hungover the next day. I am not getting drunk on wine again. it really does a number on you. For days after.

the smoking patio.

these are all the girls and the babies.

Is this not the cutest picture ever?

Mason and Ryder were holding hands on the way there.
Don't you love Mason't shirt. or at least the stripes?

There was way to much food.

Wade cutting up the pork roast my dad made. my dad would have been so proud.

Mason just wanted out so he could go fall in the lake. Beth was in charge of saving him. Sanders' don't swim so well.

the kids being good. Julia was the boss and I loved it. a chip off the old block.

The only thing that sucked was that we missed the kite festival this weekend. it is not like i was going to make a kite or anything.
Back to ole grind and back to dealing with patients at work. they never change.
i can't wait for a paycheck.

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