Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Killers.

Jeff got me tickets to the Killers today.
It will be on my birthday. april 13.
I think we may be sitting behind the stage. Do people do that?

Mason will start going to Ms. Toni's the week after next. I know he will love it. But I will definitely be sad. I am probably going to start work sometime in the next two weeks.
We will see how long I will be able to do this. I am a little worried that the houses are going to be really nasty.
I hate nasty.

I am making some peas, mashed potatoes, and chix to go along with the calorie ridden brownies i made yesterday to get rid of my hangover. I love those brownies.

Tomorrow is the superbowl. I am actually surprised that I know who is playing. I learned it from Ellen. She is always teaching us something.

I got the new Regina spektor album. Can't wait to download it to my ipod. Katie got the Dixie Chicks.

Oh yeah. we are making pizzas for superbowl.
Mason got a magna doodle and man can she draw on that beatttchhh.


Amanda said...

I am so jealous....I miss going to concerts....eww!

Beth said...

that Jeff....

Brandy said...

I want to go see The Killers! Lucky girl.... Oh, good luck going back to work. Don't worry about your house, it'll stay cleaner b/c noone is there all day to mess it up! That's what I realized, coudn't figure how when I worked and had a baby my place stayed neater than when I started staying home.... Kids destroy everything! Getting out and working will be good for you. I know I got a little less crazy when I started school. All moms need breaks, otherwise that's how how they all get addicted to valium, xanax and wine....ha ha!

Amanda said...

I totally agree with this Brandy chick...