Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Well, hello there.

I finally have a chance to sit down and write. mace is at miss toni's and loving every minute of it. This is the face he gives me when i try and drag him away from there.
Real quick. I think that Jason from General Hospital is finally off the steroids. He is starting to look good again.
I should be at the gym watching this show but instead, I am sitting at the computer. I got the house clean today. since we are going to be gone this weekend, it will take awhile to get dirty.We are heading to the lake. I am so excited. It is supposed to be pretty this weekend, too.
So, I will get to the good stuff.
They are kinda out of order since I can't figure out how to post them on this new site.
Beth was over last friday. and, of course ravenous got a little hungry. Cause that boy loves to eat.
Katie got hungry, too. by the way, Katie moved out. she had enough of Mason. he was keeping her from getting the beauty sleep she needs. Mason keeps everyone from getting beauty sleep. Look to me as evidence of this fact.
Anyway, I miss her and hope she visits often. The apartment she got has a kiddie pool. There are chairs in the kiddie pool. I can't wait.
Well, I can wait on the bathing suits.
On Monday, I had to drive to elgin. It is out in the boondocks. I get to go to this concert. Maybe Brandon flowers will wave at me.
This is one of my favorite new cds. I like this song called is really time for a new paint job
This is the road that I had to drive up to get to the patients' house. If another car was coming, I would have had to back all the way up to the road.
This is how the Friday night started. pizza and wine. yummy.
Sorry this is blurry. but, it is really to good to pass up. katie was trying to scare mason. You know, love/hate relationship.
Did anyone watch the bob woodruff show last night. He was so inspirational. Mason needs new clothes.

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Beth said...

Good to know, about Jason on GH that is.