Saturday, February 3, 2007

a night of debauchery

Since Katie got here, things have changed. I now go out on weeknights. I went to a place where the gonja and patchouli were flowing.
Of course, I had none of those things.
The night started with a little Free Fallin. courtesy of Katie.

After the show, Katie had a smoke. now that is weird. I am sure it was my fault.

Then we had to have that sandwich from Whataburger with Chix strips, swiss and BBQ. OMG. It was good. Katie would only let us share a sandwich. I hated the idea at the time but now I am happy about it.

The evening ended with this.

and it was 2 in the morning and mason was up at 5. HE knows. HE knows.
Everytime I go out he wants to punish me.
and I had to go to his checkup hungover.


Anonymous said...

I think he knows Wendi...:)Jo

Beth said...

Who left the french fry carton by bathroom?