Monday, February 5, 2007

Superbowl Sunday.

To get started, I don't care about the superbowl. i don't care who was playing, who won or what was happening at halftime. (unless there is a scandal)
I just wanted to see Kevin Federline working at Taco Bell and eat some good food.
i missed k-fed but ate food.
I decided to take mace to church. Big mistake. he is horrible. It is just way too close to his naptime at 10:30. He just want sit in the pew with me. He would rather be crawling under the pew.
Katie and Jeff cleaned up around the house for me. Thank God. I am getting a little tired of cleaning. And Katie did the toilets. big Help!!!
(I think the mom on supernanny has a lisp.)
katie and I went for a hike before the superbowl.
I have been hearing about the place for years. Beth and katie have been going there forever. The story goes that Katie almost drowned one year. Katie drowning? can you believe it?
Here is Katie contemplating her near miss.

Here is me thinking about why my double chin is making an appearance. (should I be using a or an before appearance?)
By the way, I also have on a shirt I bought in Padre when I was 18. It says Fucking Spring Break, Fucking Padre Island.
Bad judgement call. There were way to many kids out there. I think it is time for this shirt to come out of rotation.

Here are the kids playing together at the superbowl party. (I changed the shirt)
Please notice that Mason has a sony playstation controller in his paws. Isn't little Will cute? He is the one with the curly hair.

Mason had trouble falling asleep today for his nap. So I had to lay down with him in the rocker. I slept for about 45 minutes and then I had to sneak out of the chair without stirring the sleeping beauty. And, you know, he really is a sleeping beauty. That will probably be one of the last times that happens.

OK, back to SuperNanny.
Oh yeah, I hit my knee on a highway divider after the hike. Now it is swollen and it sucks.


Beth said...

How is the knee? I forgot to ask.

Wendi said...

it is actually a lot better today. I am going to stay of of it again tommorrow and then i think it will be all the way healed. You know what i mean by stay off it (no exercise.)

Anonymous said...

I still remember that south padre t shirt. i know you love it wendi, but i think it is time to retire the shirt. :)Jo

Kate said...

K-fed made the whole football game worth it for me.