Monday, February 12, 2007

they do it like this in buffalo, TX.

I went to Henderson and came back with a ticket. a f'in speeding ticket.
there goes some more money.
am I the only one who never gets a warning? Melissa says I have a snippy tone. I guess she is right. I don't mean to have the tone. It sneaks in. Plus - I hate cops. they are always so cheerful when they are writing out your ticket. Kinda like they are doing you a favor.

On a sad note. Cue the sad music. Tomorrow I drop mason off at daycare. I am really emotional today. I really think that I could spend all day crying if I let myself.

I have already got in a fight with my mom. I found out that someone I cared about from childhood is in the hospital. I couldn't get tested for tb cause there were too many people in there get drug tests. Liability insurance was going to cost 3000. I couldn't find any of those cheap valentine cards for Mason's new friends. I had to buy expensive ones cause I was too lazy to go to Walgreen's. I still haven't cleaned the house. and britney spears stripped down to her underwear at some NYC club.

I also forgot my camera while I was in east Texas. That means I couldn't document my trip.
Let's all pray that I don't break down tomorrow morning in front of Ms. Toni. Cause it will be ugly tears if I do. I don't want to scare her this early in our relationship. (mason wouldn't care. He has seen it all before.)

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Brandy said...

Yep- tickets suck. Cops too. Greedy bastards need to only pull over rich people cars if you ask me. State trooper I bet huh?